Shane Pearson

Design Your Life Coaching

Shane Pearson is the director of Design Your Life Coaching which he founded in 2007.

After Shane finished secondary education in Wesley College, he returned to the family farm and played a pivotal role in the rapidly expanding family business and remained there until his early thirties, when he decided to pursue his core interests in health and psychology.

A powerful and transformative experience during a self-development seminar in 2007 left him so fascinated by the power of the mind that he immediately sought out ways to learn more about how it might be utilised for positive change. In 2007 Shane completed his first training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), becoming an NLP practitioner and immediately started a part time private practice helping people to overcome challenges and make lasting positive changes. Shane continued to study to the highest level in NLP and travelled internationally to train with the biggest names in the field, including two of the co-founders of NLP.

Shane also studied in Nutritional Therapy (Distinction with Honours, 2013) before becoming an Advanced Health and Wellness (Adv H&W) coach (2013-15) He was personally mentored by Dr. Michael Arloski, a pioneer in the field of H&W coaching and founder of Real Balance Global Wellness solutions.

As well as coaching individuals, Shane is an experienced international lecturer and speaker. After qualifying as a H&W coach, he was fast tracked to become the H&W Coach trainer for the Institute of Health Sciences. He designs and delivers Coaching, Stress Management, NLP and Professional Communication courses and also regularly trains certified Health & Wellness Coaches. Shane is an accredited coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) since 2016 and is also a certified Human Potential Coach and an Eating Freely Practitioner (eating disorder specialist).

Design Your Life Coaching also offers services tailored to the Corporate Wellness sector and Shane is a wellness service provider for Irish Life Health. He specialises in the area of stress/resilience and shift worker wellness and has delivered wellness talks and health coaching services for some of the largest companies in Ireland.


In 2020 Shane was identified and accredited as a Thought Leader in Behavioural Change by the All-Ireland Business All-Stars. He was also awarded Lifestyle Coach of the Year for the Republic of Ireland 2 years in a row (21/22 and 22/23) by Prestige Awards.

Shane combines his experience and expertise in behavioural change with an integrated mind/body approach to help people achieve higher levels of health, well-being, and performance. Whether coaching, training or speaking his mission is to inspire, guide and support others to make the world a healthier, happier place one action step at a time.

Shane lives in Durrow, Co. Laois with his wife and two children where he also enjoys gardening, tending to his bees, woodland walks or a campfire and singing with friends under the old oak tree.