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Most people already know  enough to live healthier, happier and more successful lives. When knowledge alone is not enough my coaching helps you to transform your mindset to align your actions with your intentions to get the results you want. 

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Transformational Coaching to help you overcome anxiety and master stress. Find your inner calm and confidence so you can start living life on your terms.

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Free Yourself from Emotional Eating Forever

Liberate yourself from emotional eating forever with our Freedom From Emotional Eating program. 


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Gain the clarity, confidence and credentials you need to become a successful coach.

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Revitalize Your Team: Elevate Productivity and Well-being

Empower your employees with our range of wellness talks and high-impact coaching programs and workshops designed to help your employees achieve optimal health, wellness, and productivity.

Shane has worked with some of the largest corporations in Ireland, including:


Shane helped me transform 3 areas of my life.
1. My relationship to food resulting in me loosing 1.5 stone.
2. Helped me double my recurring income
3. Transformed my mental heath to live a more energetic life.

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lifestyle coach of the year

for 3 consecutive years

lifestyle coach of the year
Verena von
Verena von
I hugely benefited from Shane's coaching. He was very supportive throughout the coaching process and ensure that the sessions were tailored towards my needs and goals. He also adapted the pace of the sessions to what I was looking for and even in only a hand full of sessions I can see the great progress I was looking for. Shane is a great coach who is looking to serve his coachees in the best possible way. Highly recommend!
Marie murphy
Marie murphy
I tentatively embarked on some sessions with Shane to help address major blocks in my life. I was very fearful that engaging with Shane would result in my having to open up that old can of worms that we all carry around within us. However, with Shane's help and direction, I managed to open the can of worms, look at it very carefully and, as a consequence of the exercise, leave the past behind and have a better understanding of myself and my needs. I can now focus on my own self worth and my own future instead of allowing the past to cripple me over and over again with negative thought processes. Shane has helped me to understand, to identify and to be aware of the thought patterns which were holding me back and preventing me from even feeling that I deserved anything good in my life. I continue to practice the various techniques which Shane taught me and I intend to continue to do so. I now feel more aware, more in control, not at other people's mercy all the time and, instead, ready to embark on my own future, on my own terms. I wish to thank Shane for his ongoing support. Shane is a very approachable, personable and direct person and very easy to work with. Thank you for all your help Shane. Marie
Shane Gardiner
Shane Gardiner
Achieving a proper work life balance is never easy which is why I chose to work with Shane. In our sessions we explored how I could achieve this by setting and maintaining boundaries with work. Having a better understanding of how and why this has been happening was really interesting. Shane really knew how to help me gain a clearer perspective and he showed me how to resolve potential issues before they had a negative impact on my thinking and undo all our good work. Shane was very easy to speak and work with and his extensive experience has helped me in so many ways. I couldn’t recommend Shane highly enough and I am very grateful for the help and support he provided during and also after our sessions.
Fiona Kelly
Fiona Kelly
I was having a serious mental block & bout of imposter syndrome. I knew where I wanted to be but no matter how many times I thought about it, I couldn't take the next steps. Shane helped me go inwards & understand what was making me feel that way & how to overcome it. The session was a huge help to me and I've already taken those next steps to get to where I want to be. Looking forward to my next session.
Gwen Bastian-Enright
Gwen Bastian-Enright
After 6 sessions with Shane I'm much more confident in my worth and working with clients. I've been seeing clients for a number of years but had been undercharging and overworking - Shane mentions low investment, high value and I'm starting to have better systems in place as well as scripts. Understanding that I actually only want to work with those people who are fully invested has meant that I've not chased people where I didn't think they'd be successful clients and drain my energy in the process. Getting prospective clients on a call and asking them to tell me more before I tell them how I can help, has resulted in a great conversion to bookings ratio - mainly because they are already so invested that a higher price tag doesn't put them off, in fact some are surprising me by going for the most expensive package! Shane helped me a lot with the wording, so I know what to say in a text/ DM/ email and then on the actual call with them, and people are usually invested before we talk money, which is fantastic. I can see that I'll be hitting my target as halfway through I'm already achieving what I wanted, all while not feeling overwhelmed and I'm really excited about my business again.
Gabor Domotor
Gabor Domotor
I can't justify with words just how much Shane has helped me. I began meeting with Shane 3 years ago and I did not expect such an immediate and lasting impact on my life. From my personal life to my career, and everything in between, Shane has offered a whole new perspective and has accelerated my motivation and determination. His knowledge and experience lends itself to the amazing work that he does and his character and personality make our sessions not only enjoyable, but just like I'm catching up with a friend. Everybody needs Shane in their life.
Mary Buggy
Mary Buggy
Shane has been my Supervisor as I trained to be a coach. I have found working with Shane to be a very supportive and encouraging environment. His experience of coaching in a variety of settings has been very beneficial for me and he had some great insights for me to consider throughout my journey. I would highly recommend Shane as a Mentor Coach.
Shane Pearson

Shane Pearson

Shane is a multi-award-winning coach with an excellent track record of client satisfaction. As one of the first certified, and most experienced health and wellness coaches in Ireland, Shane has vast knowledge, skills and experience. These combine to ensure that his clients receive the very best coaching available whether that’s privately, as a company, or as a coach wishing to upskill.

Shane has over 15 years of experience coaching one-to-one with clients and has worked with some of the largest corporations in Ireland to improve employee wellness. He has trained hundreds of Health & Wellness Coaches, & writes & delivers online courses. He is an accredited coach with the ICF, a master practitioner of NLP and a qualified nutritional therapist. He also trained to deliver the Eating Freely transformational program for emotional eaters and is a qualified Human Potential coach.

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