Wellness Coaching

Do you want to experience greater levels of health, wellbeing and life satisfaction?
Our health and wellness coaches are professionally trained to assist you in making appropriate changes to you diet, lifestyle and mindset to ensure you reach your wellness goals.




What is Wellness Coaching all about?

 A wellness coach uses the principals and skills of life coaching to help their clients explore their current life balance, set personal wellness goals and make specific lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellbeing. 

A wellness coach sees you as the expert in your life because no-one knows you and your life better than you so they will not simply tell you what to do. They are your ally to guide and support you on your journey to achieving improved health and higher levels of wellbeing. 

Check out this article our coach Shane Pearson was interviewed for by Irish Life Health for more on this topic:

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Design Your Life Coaching

Our expert coaches combine their expertise and experience in various fields of wellness with the coaching process to help you get to where you want to go as quickly and as effectively as possible.

We combine expertise in nutrition, psychology, stress management and coaching to help clients reduce stress, manage health conditions, lose weight, overcome challenges, improve health & wellbeing and live lives with more meaning and purpose.