The NLP module that I completed as part of my overall Health & Wellness Coaching course was a complete game changer for me. The four week course opened a door into a new area of learning for me as a coach which improved both my communication skills and my engagement with clients and fellow students. It gave me the tools to help identify limiting beliefs both in myself and my clients that could be challenged and overcome thereby paving the way to shifting behavior and ensuring lasting change. The practical exercises played out in the classroom setting were an integral part of witnessing the effectiveness of many of the NLP techniques. These sessions were always dynamic and engaging, and often highly emotional and challenging. I would highly recommend this course to any coach who seeks to make real changes for themselves and their clients and who is open to a whole new way of seeing and engaging with the world around them.

Dee Blunden

I would highly recommend this course to any coach who seeks to make real changes for themselves and their clients and who is open to a whole new way of seeing and engaging with the world around them.

“Without Shane’s help we thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  Our 10 yr old son was having eating difficulties (phobia of certain foods) and just one session with Shane turned him around. Shane gave him the help and technique to over come his fear.  And now thanks to Shane our son is now trying out foods we have never seen him eat such foods as simple as an “Apple and Cashew nuts” which are huge milestones to us.  Shane showed him a tapping technique which he does when he has a fear of trying new foods and it works? Big thank you Shane from Delighted Parents and a very happy little boy”. 

Siobhan (for her son Nathan)

“On meeting Shane I found that I could connect with his personality and I was able to build up trust very quickly. Shane provided methods for me to challenge stressful situations that I had in my life. This included balancing a stressful job with home life and enhancing relationships with family members. The most important part of the coaching for me was that Shane insured that I was accountable for any actions out of our meetings. Now with the arrival of our 3rd child I am cool, calm and collected!”


“On meeting Shane I found that I could connect with his personality and I was able to build up trust very quickly”

“Shane was my course leader in the IHS NLP Practitioner Course that I took in 2017. I had zero knowledge of NLP going into the course and was initially worried that potentially very low energy levels after a working week could make for a difficult learning experience on Saturday and Sunday. Shane’s enthusiasm, in depth knowledge of the course subject matter and experience as an NLP practitioner ensured my learning experience was constantly interesting and effective. He got everyone “in the zone” each morning and kept energy levels high, and got across NLP concepts and methods with clarity and brevity, and more importantly, got us to try them out in practical sessions. Learning by doing is the best way to learn and Shane was highly effective in observing and encouraging the best possible approach to employing each method. Shane is a natural Mentor and his enthusiasm for NLP and skill level in using it made for an interesting and highly effective learning experience. I would strongly recommend Shane’s course for anyone interested in learning about NLP methods and how to apply them. ” Mike McMenamin BA, BAI, MSc, CEng MIEI

“NLP has given me an extra edge when dealing with clients. I use a number of NLP techniques with clients, mainly timeline and parts integration. I also find that challenging client’s beliefs about themselves, their abilities and what other people think of them through language can be just as powerful. NLP gave me a deeper understanding of the fact that clients have their own map of the world and that they are all doing the best that they can given their situation and knowledge to date. The majority of my clients are “serial dieters”, and have tried everything on the market from Weight Watchers to Slim Fast. Yet I have seen so many clients have continual success after just 3-5 sessions, and I believe that NLP has so much to do with it. People know what they should and should not be eating, but there is something within themselves which prevent them from achieving their goals. NLP deals with the mental and emotional blocks, freeing the client to change their behaviour. People are looking for a different approach to health and weight, and NLP gives an added element to just nutritional information. I highly recommend NLP, from a personal as well as a professional standpoint. NLP has helped me to deal with my own personal life issues, as well as being a better parent and partner. Even if I never worked using NLP I have certainly gotten value for money, as NLP has helped me to understand “people”, including myself, better. Shane Pearson is passionate about NLP and truly believes in it’s value, while being an enthusiastic and energetic teacher. I highly recommend the NLP module at IHS.”
Regina Diamond

“I worked with Shane on a couple of occasions. The first time was a couple of years ago. I was going through a difficult time with a bereavement and I decided to book an NLP session with Shane. I spoke to Shane briefly about where I was at and I felt very understood and at ease. The beauty of NLP is that you don’t particularly have to discuss all that is going on for you. Shane was very perceptive and understanding and I felt very at ease with him. Shane carried out a technique called “Timeline Therapy”. I found it very effective, even more as time went on. I contacted Shane again in 2017. I was going through some tough health challenges particularly anxiety, PMS, and very low energy levels. Shane and I set up weekly consultations which we carried out online. This was fantastic as I could chat to him from the comfort of my own home. Shane’s expertise and experience in health, wellness, NLP, EFT, nutrition etc. was an absolute blessing. I felt so understood and supported by Shane throughout. I started feeling more confident in myself and noticed many positive changes in my health and wellness. The weekly sessions were great as I had time to put into practice the action steps that we identified together as well as discuss and feedback how the week went for me. This was one of the best things I have done for myself. It was life changing. Shane is gifted in this field and I am so grateful to him.”