Presencing Techniques to Reduce Stress/Anxiety

The Presence-ing technique is a very simple, fast and effective way to help calm and centre yourself.

Presence – in this context means becoming fully present and aware of everything that is happening in your world right now. It brings you deeper into your body and out of your head.

When we consciously bring our awareness back into what is happening in the body and in the world around us in this moment it has a very relaxing effect on your nervous system meaning it can reduce stress and anxiety.

Being fully Present in the moment is also a very resourceful state meaning you will tend to operate at a high level in this state. You will find it easier to stay focused, make good decisions and be much more engaged in life and with others.

Try the technique out for yourself and then aim to use Presence-ing as often as possible to spend more time there and to come back to now when you catch yourself stuck elsewhere.


An Introduction to the Presence-ing Technique

Try the Presence-ing Technique for Yourself Now

Presence-ing Technique – Quick Version

Here is a shorter version of the Presence-ing technique.

Use it once you are familiar with the technique and want to practice it.

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