The Releasing Technique For Reducing Stress/Anxiety

What is the Releasing Technique?

The Releasing Technique is a simple and effective  letting go technique.

Of all the techniques I have learned in over 10 years working with stress and human performance this is the one I would encourage everybody to try and then to prtactice regularly.

Why use the Releasing Technique?

Most people will find that when they release their attachments, fears, frustrations and resentments they notice a reduction in stress, anxiety, tension, anger, resentment etc. and an improvement in clarity, inner ease, vitality, creativity and their ability to focus.


How to use the Releasing Technique?

The best way to  learn about how to Release is to do it yourself and learn from your experience.

If you have a few minutes use the following videos to be guided through the process after first choosing something or someone that is causing you stress or disturbing your inner peace.

There are 5 main steps:

  • Locate – Locate where there is tightness, tension, heaviness or constriction in your body.
  • Welcome – Attitude is key here and your attitude is to welcome all experiences and to acknowlege and allow them. Bring your attention to the location and feeling and say silently “I see you. I accept you.”
  • Soften – Gently soften into the tightness/ tension/heaviness and notice more space around it
  •  Allow – Allow what was trapped or stuck energy to flow through and out of the body
  • Repeat – Cycle back through the 4 steps above until you experience a sense of freedom and expansion.

Releasing Fears and Uncertainties Brought about by Covid-19

In the video below I will guide you through the Releasing technique to help you let go of emotional charges brought about by the coronavirus.


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