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What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neurolinguistic Programming. It is a model of the mind’s role in human behaviour and a set of psychology tools to deal in a practical and down-to-earth way with behavioural and emotional challenges.

What is NLP coaching?

NLP coaching will ask you where you are now and where you want to get to. The NLP coach then works with you to ensure you get there and is particularly effective and helping to remove internal barriers to success such as limiting beliefs, fear of success/failure, negative emotions from past experiences et.

Who is this service for?

The scope of an NLP coach is vast. All behaviour starts in the mind and NLP can be used to identify what isn’t working for you and then change it.

There are usually two main reasons why someone would look for an NLP Coaching session:

  1. To successfully stop a recurring behaviour, feeling or habitual way of thinking that they have not been able to stop by themselves.
  2. To achieve a new, exciting goal

The main requirement you need is the willingness to change and when that is present the possibilities are endless in the hands of a skilled NLP coach.

What to expect from your NLP Coach

  • Confidentiality – Everything you share with your coach is 100% confidential so you can be fully reassured that your privacy is respected. (* Unless the coach is bound by law to disclose specific information for legal reasons)
  • Expertise – Your NLP coach, Shane Pearson, has trained to the highest level as a Master Practitioner of NLP and is a certified coach. Shane has been trained by two of the co-founders of NLP and is also an experienced trainer of both NLP practitioners and Health and Wellness coaches.
  • Experience– Your NLP coach, Shane Pearson, has over a decade of experience as an NLP practitioner and has been a Master Practitioner of NLP since 2010. He has helped 100’s of individuals to make the changes they are looking for across a wide range of areas such as phobias, irrational fears,  overcoming internal barriers to success, resolving inner conflict, quitting bad habits, gaining clarity, goal setting, building confidence and more.
  • Results – In the right hands NLP is a powerful tool to help you quickly get more from your magnificent mind. One session is often enough to create powerful change that lasts and a shorter follow up session is usually recommended to further integrate and enhance the results from the initial consultation.

What benefits will you receive:

The benefits you will receive from an NLP coaching session is rapid change!

People who have been affected by recurring destructive behaviours, negative emotions, stress, inner conflict, phobias and irrational fears for years or even decades can overcome their challenge in even one session. This may sound unbelievable but with a greater awareness and understanding of how we can utilise and make changes to the part of our minds that runs like a computer it is the same as how you might have had a problem with your computer for months/years only for an IT specialist to fix in a matter of minutes.

An NLP Coaching session can also be used to gain rapid clarity for a new goal or course of action. Through skilled use of questions and linguistic awareness your NLP coach can cut through any confusion, indecision and vagueness until their is a clear plan of action and the motivation to pursue your goal. Clients generally leave the session feeling they have progressed their goal more in the 2 hours than they have in months before the session.

What is involved:

An initial 90 minute session and a follow-up session of up to 75 minutes approximately 1-3 weeks later to review progress, make any further interventions necessary, provide support and help you maintain momentum.

How is it done:

In-person or online through video conferencing

In-person coaching

One to one coaching sessions take place in Durrow, Co. Laois, Ireland; approximately 1 hour 15 minutes from Dublin and 1 hour 30 minutes from Cork.

Online and phone coaching

Online sessions are facilitated through online video conferencing such as Skype or Zoom. Coaching can also be done via telephone if either of the above options are not available.