Practical Wellness

Practical Wellness

If you have ever felt confused or even dazed by the mixed messages and conflicting information coming at you from every angle about what you should and shouldn’t do to be healthy and well we hear you.

We want to help guide you through all the nonsense and noise so you can create a clear plan of action.

We see your wellness as being built upon a foundation of healthy behaviours, good habits and the correct mindset so use this guide to find out what your next step is.

We have broken down into 8 main areas so you can simply jump to the most relevant section for you or browse them all to get a more comprehensive understanding of what wellness is.

Use our free Wellness Wheel coaching tool to quickly assess your current life balance and even identify your most important area of wellness to focus on.

8 Aspects of Practical Wellness


Think of these 8 areas as the spokes of your wellness wheel. By working on each spoke in your wellness wheel you can maintain a great life balance. This will help you create a life of good health and help you enjoy a sense of enormous wellbeing.


However, if you do not actively work on your wellness you can easily find yourself slipping into poor health or letting your life get out of balance. This will inevitably have a negative impact on your mind, body and sense of wellbeing.


At Design Your Life Coaching we see your wellness more as a journey than as a destination. Your health and wellness is a process and a creation that is built upon good habits, healthy behaviours and a balanced life.


Our aim in the Practical Wellness section is to provide you with the best education, tips and information in each of these areas of your wellness so that you can quickly learn how to maximise your wellness in a practical and realistic way.


Go straight to the area that is most relevant to you now or browse through several areas. If you are unsure where to start try out our free Practical Wellness Wheel Tool to help you quickly gain focus on what area is most important for you at this time.


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