NLP Practitioner Training

NLP Practitioner Training

To be announced. 

To be announced. 

How is it delivered:
7 Day Intensive in-class

Training Dates:
To be announced. 

Who will you learn from?

 Your trainer and module leader will be Shane Pearson, an experienced Master Practitioner and ANLP accredited NLP trainer. 

Shane has travelled far and wide to train with some of the world’s finest NLP trainers including two of the co-founders of NLP – John Grinder and Frank Pucelik. 

He is passionate about ‘growing’ people and helping them to become more by creating positive lasting change in their life. He considers NLP to be a vital key for people who wish to unlock more of their own potential and as a means to also help others.

Shane has been training NLP practitioners and professional coaches for many years now and has consistently received positive feedback from satisfied students and graduates, many of whom have called the course ‘pure gold’, ‘life changing’ and a ‘game-changer’!



Is this NLP training accredited?

Yes indeed, we pride ourselves in offering a course of the highest quality and this training is accredited and approved by the Association of NLP (ANLP). The most trusted independent NLP membership organisation in the world and synonymous with best practice. Shane Pearson is also an approved trainer with META International.


Why study NLP?

Because NLP is designed to help you get better results at what it is you want to do, it has the potential to benefit anybody who takes the time to study and practice it. NLP is a standalone training and powerful modality that will allow you to become an agent of change. NLP has long been seen as an ideal add-on training for coaches, trainers, teachers, therapists and any profession that is working with others to facilitate change.

If you believe in the enormous potential of both yourself and others and want to get better results in both your own life or from your clients then NLP is almost certainly for you.

What you will learn?

  • How the human mind works and how to use it to get better results
  • How to communicate more effectively
  • Goal-setting and the drivers of human motivation
  • How to create resourceful emotional states such as confidence
  • Powerful rapid change techniques for fears, phobias and more
  • How to let go of limiting beliefs and break through inner barriers to success
  • How to adopt a mindset of success for whatever you want to achieve
  • And much, much more

About the course

This unique practitioner training certificate is suitable for anyone interested in using NLP to enhance their communication skills, improve personal effectiveness and gain a greater understanding of how the mind works and how to work with it to get better results.

Train with an experienced and highly regarded NLP trainer. Your NLP trainer for this course has over a decade of experience as a practitioner of NLP and has been trained to the highest level by several of the biggest names in NLP including two of the co-founders of NLP and other Master Trainers of NLP. His passion and enthusiasm for the subject and his unique style of delivery has gained him an excellent reputation among students for delivering highly interactive, engaging and inspiring trainings.
Comprehensive and well structured study material supplied. Including presentation slides, written notes, case studies, video clips, quizzes and short answer questions and chances to reflect on your knowledge all designed to make the learning experience as interactive as possible
Dynamic and interactive live training. Designed to suit all learning types and engage students in the learning process. Lecture weekends include a mixture of formal lectures, group discussion and group exercise.
Become a fully licensed NLP Practitioner. Start to work with clients immediately helping them to make beneficial changes in their lives easily and effortlessly with NLP. Many common problems such as phobias, unwanted behaviours and bad habits can be successfully managed quickly and effectively using the skills you will learn on this course.
Especially suitable for those working in the field of health & wellness, coaching or behavioural change or for those interested in self development and for personal and professional reasons.
Practice in confidence – Practitioner insurance options available on successful graduation

Feedback from graduates of this popular training has been consistently excellent with many reporting vastly improved confidence, enhanced communication and deep personal insights and breakthroughs.

What will I study?

The course involves in-depth training in a number of key NLP skills including:

• The Foundations of NLP – The core models it is all built on
• Sensory Acuity – How to enhance your sensory awareness and fine tune your communication and intuition
• Rapport – The key to successful communication and influence
• Representational Systems – How we re-present the external world and internalise it through our 5 senses
• Sub-modalities – The real language of the brain and the key to communicating effectively with your unconscious mind to create change
• Language Patterns – A cornerstone of excellent communication
• Anchoring – How emotional feelings can be linked to specific stimuli and how to use that to collapse unwanted emotional reactions to certain situations
• Strategies – The unconscious process of how we do what we do, how we create our behaviour from mental programs
• Parts – The key to resolving internal conflict and overcoming indecision
• Reframing – How to skilfully change the meaning of something in order to change how you think or feel about it
• Goals – Learn the goal design model that helps you find out what you or your client really wants and ensure that the goal is formed in a manner that it is most likely to be achieved. Use NLP skills to align both the conscious and unconscious mind toward achieving goals

How is this course structured?

This course is held over 7 days plus comprehensive home study. Students will be required to take an open book exam and be assessed on a case study to receive certification.

Entry requirements

This certificate is a lifelong learning course and students are accepted on to this course through a combination of academic qualifications and relevant life experience.

Course fees

Full Investment cost: €1295


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