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Health & Wellness Coach

Want to become a Health & Wellness Coach?

Would you like to get professionally trained as a certified H&W coach? I train Health and Wellness Coaches for the Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) both in-class and online through live webinars so click on the links below if you would like to register your interest or learn more about the course.

Institute of Health Sciences: Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching

Dublin March 2020

London November 2019

Online March 2020

Stress Management

Want to study Stress Management?

Are you interested in learning how to better manage your own stress or help others mange theirs?

I deliver a 4 week online certified Stress Management course for the Institute of Health Sciences. It is designed to ground you in the science and physiology of stress and then equip with you with a number of versatile stress management tools and techniques to put you or your clients back in control of stress. Follow the link below for more information:

Institute of Health Sciences: Certificate in Stress Management

Online Regular start dates

NLP Practitioner

ANLP accredited course in Neurolinguistic Programming

Personal and Professional Development Courses

*Coming Soon*

  • 10 week Stress Mastery Program