Anxiety Coaching

Anxiety Coaching

What is Anxiety Coaching all about?

Anxiety coaching is about providing you with the guidance, support, techniques and tools to help you overcome your anxiety by adopting anxiety management skills and strategies to dismantle unwanted anxiety and stress.

Who is this coaching package for?

This coaching package will be suitable for you if:.

  • You experience frequent physical symptoms or sensations of anxiety
  • You experience anxiety that is out of proportion to given situations
  • You experience panic attacks
  • Basic anxiety management techniques have not proven effective enough
  • Medication has helped to some extent, but you would like a deeper understanding and a broader range of approaches to overcoming anxiety

What to expect from your anxiety coach:

When you work with a DYLC coach, the focus is always on your own specific needs and circumstances. We see you as the expert on you and your life. The coach’s job is to work alongside you, gathering this expert information and discovering the right approaches and level of understanding that’s right for you. Together with your coach, you will then create a plan that fits within your completely unique situation.

Hayley combines basic psychological and biological factors, generating a very practical awareness of the anxiety process, with anxiety management skills and strategies that target specific parts of this process in turn.

Means of support between sessions are agreed between the coach and each individual client. This helps to keep you accountable to your personal plan and the changes that you make as you progress. It also helps us to celebrate the gains along the way – a vital part of the coaching process!

What not to expect from your anxiety coach:

  • Anxiety management techniques only
  • A standardised ‘prescription list’ of dos and don’ts for you to follow
  • A quick fix!

What benefits you will receive:

These typically occur not only over the coaching period but also beyond as change invokes change.

  • Reduced levels of anxiety in ‘trigger’ situations
  • Reduced levels of anxiety on a more general, day-to-day basis
  • Better sleep (quantity and quality)
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved mood
  • Improvement in social abilities and social interactions
  • Overall broader range of activities of daily living as your focus moves away from anxiety

Common skills, knowledge and behaviours that anxiety coaching clients integrate into their life during coaching:

  • An improved understanding of the anxiety process within both body and mind
  • Mental strategies to control anxiety
  • Improved sleep hygiene
  • Better ‘self-talk’
  • Better time management
  • Better energy management
  • Regular practice of anxiety reduction techniques suited to your own personal routine

What is involved:

This coaching package consists of 6 private coaching sessions with Dr. Hayley Wood. The initial coaching session is up to 2 hours in length followed by five more 1 hour coaching sessions held approximately once weekly, plus accountability and support measures in between sessions.


Meet Hayley, Your Aniexty Coach

Your anxiety coach is Dr Hayley Wood. Hayley is a qualified medical doctor (St. George’s, University of London, 2008), a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and NLP Practitioner. After completing medical school, she undertook two years of internship training in South Africa, progressing on to Anaesthetics for three years and obtaining the Diploma in Anaesthetics, South Africa.

Hayley arrived in Ireland in 2014. She is registered with the Irish Medical Council and has worked in Psychiatry within the HSE for the past 5 years. Alongside this, she has earned a diploma in Nutrition, Lifestyle and Chronic Disease and completed the AFMCP (Institute of Functional Medicine, 2017).

Hayley gained a BA (Hons) and MA (London) prior to her medical studies. During this time, she also held an eclectic range of jobs in music, publishing, teaching and hospitality, both in the UK and overseas. As a lone parent working full-time, Hayley thoroughly understands the many challenges of making – and maintaining – lifestyle changes to support good mental and physical health. As such,
her primary emphasis is on no-fuss, practical solutions at every level of the change process.

Although working in a purely coaching role with DYLC, Hayley is able to draw on her broad level of medical knowledge and experience to support each coaching package.



How is it done?

In-person or through online video conferencing.

Contact us to arrange a session or a free consultation.

Online coaching

Sessions are facilitated through video conferencing via Skype.