3rd February 2019

10am to 5pm.

Ormonde hotel, Kilkenny City.




“To know how to motivate someone you have to know what already motivates them”

– Tony Robbins

Who is it for?

This 1 day workshop is a Motivation Masterclass for those already trained in NLP who want to enhance their ability to elicit and utilise human motivation to create lasting change in others and with self.

What is it about?

Motivation is the fuel behind progress and positive lasting change yet all too often change is attempted by people without fully understanding their motives. In the change process motivation is, more often than not, the difference that makes the difference.

Why is it important to learn more about motivation?

The great risk with attempting any change is that if it does not happen, or if the desired change does not last, the attempt to change can then be perceived as a failure! This erodes self confidence and self efficacy in the person trying to make the change and if you are the coach/agent of change attempting to support that person  through the change process it can also diminish their faith in you and your ability to assist them.

On the flip side if you are able to help others ensure they reach their goals and get the results that they want (and they know they could not have gotten there without you) you will be highly valued, in great demand and you will be highly successful as a coach or agent of change.

If you are in a role where you are attempting to facilitate change in others (or yourself) then human motivation is something you simply have to get good at. Long term motivation relies on intrinsic motivation and the keys to unlocking intrinsic motivation lie under the surface, in the unconscious mind. 

More about the Motivation Masterclass:

This Motivation Masterclass is a one day workshop designed for those who have previous training in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and who wish to take a deeper dive into human motivation and the psychology of success as a means to help fuel lasting change.

What will you learn:

  • How to build and anchor a high performance motivated state in yourself and others
  • Utilising a high performance state to collapse negative anchors
  • The 6 Human Needs and how to quickly chunk up to higher level motivations
  • Means goals vs End Goals and the importance of both
  • How to detect ‘Towards’ and ‘Away From’ motivation
  • The key to utilising both fear based – ‘Away From’ motivation and growth/love/development based ‘Towards’ motivation
  • How to use sub-modalities and mapping across to insert ‘Backstops’ and utilise ‘Away From’ motivation to prevent slides in progress
  • How to design recovery strategies that kick in automatically when a backstop is reached  
  • How to utilise sub-modalities  and mapping across to insert ‘milestones’ and utilise ‘toward’ motivation to increase motivation
  • How to insert ‘milestones’ into the Timeline to help create a compelling future

Refresh and improve your NLP Skills:

You will also have opportunities to practice and improve several NLP skills including:

  • Sensory acuity and Rapport 
  • Anchoring 
  • Collapse Anchors
  • Neurolinguistics
  • Submodalities and Mapping Across
  • The Meta Model
  • Chunking
  • Timeline Application
  • What will you get?

What you will get from attending:

We learn best by doing so participants are encouraged to work on personal goals and motivation throughout the workshop. You will leave with a highly resourceful state anchored, a clear end goal and clear means goals to achieve that end goal. You will also insert psychological backstops and milestones to ensure you maintain progress and achieve your desired goals or outcomes.

Free access to exclusively designed motivational paper tools that you can edit, brand and make your own and bring to your own private NLP/coaching practice or use as they are. These paper tools will give you a structure and template to use these motivation strategies with clients and individuals.

Invitation to join a private positive peer group so you can receive ongoing support as well as support others on the road to success.

Loyalty discounts for further trainings, events and workshops by Design Your Life Coaching.

How much does the Motivation Masterclass cost?

The full cost for this investment is €125

Early Bird offer:

Register before the 18th January and save 10%