What an NLP session can do for you?

NLP I have over a decade of experience working as a practitioner and master practitioner of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming and over the years I have helped hundreds of satisfied clients overcome challenges, get rid of phobias and irrational fears, breakthrough internal barriers to success and the life they want, get out of stuck situations and feelings and more. Quite often people have come to me when all else had failed or after months and years of not being able to get past what was affecting them and yet, usually within one session, they were able to overcome their challenges, liberated themselves from what was holding them back or let go off the negative emotions or thoughts that had been affecting them.

Why is NLP useful or necessary?

So how is this possible you might be wondering? Rapid and powerful change is possible not because NLP is so powerful but because the human mind, or more importantly, each individual has enormous ability and resources within them. Sometimes, however, the brilliant mind we all possess can seem like our greatest enemy rather than the powerful ally it is meant to be and those resources and abilities can become stuck or trapped inside a neurological tangle of the mind.

If you are doing something that you wish that you did not do such as addictions, unwanted habits or recurring negative feelings, thought processes or patterns of behaviours what is going there?

If you are not doing something that you wish you were doing, such as eating healthier, exercising more, thinking more positively, being more decisive, confident or more successful etc. but you can’t seem to do it or do it consistently enough to get the results you want how is that possible?

If you are responding to someone or something in ways that you wished you did not such as having a phobia, irrational fears, compulsive behaviour or anxiety but don’t feel you have any control over that response what is causing that?

What if you experience inner conflict, tend to sabotage your own success, are inconsistent in your behaviour (have part time problems), criticise or chastise yourself with self talk or are plagued by indecision how can this be? Who is at war with who?

The human brain is still the most powerful supercomputer on the planet and yet almost nobody has been well trained in how to operate this magnificent piece of machinery from birth. Therefore life happens and problems can arise just like bugs and glitches can occur with a computer. NLP offers a very elegant and yet powerful model and methodology to work with the human mind to help put you back in control of you!

What happens in an NLP session?

During an NLP session with me I listen to you, ask questions and together we explore the nature of your problem that you want to change or the goal or outcome you want to achieve. The words you use are direct reflections of the thoughts you have and the presumption in NLP is that if you are not getting the results you want then ‘how’ you are thinking about that problem or unachieved goal is the problem. In other words how you are perceiving the problem or unachieved goal is the problem.

The problem you are experiencing over and over or the limitation that is holding you back from what you want is held at an unconscious level in what we call your unconscious mind – similar to a bug or glitch in the software of a computer. Like a computer programmer I work with you to find that glitch and then help you edit the programming or software so that your unconscious mind runs a different programme the next time it encounters a situation that would have in the past caused the problem to arise or repeat.

Some NLP Case Studies:

A mother and father brought their nine year old boy to see me because even though this boy really wanted to eat healthier foods he had an automatic gag reflex caused by the texture of almost any solid food in his mouth. This was entirely an automatic and unconscious response and his inability to eat normally had caused a huge amount of stress for him and his parents and they had been to many specialists and experts but had no success. Working with this fine young man we found that his ‘glitch in the software’ was tied to an emotional experience from his childhood when he had gagged on some solid food. By resolving and releasing the negative emotions from the past and reassuring his unconscious mind that it was now safe he was able to eat solid food in that first and only session. He went on to eat normally and reintroduce solid foods and reclaimed his confidence after that session.

Norman (not his real name) brought his mother to me because she was experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety that was causing her a great deal of stress and this was negatively impacting on her sleep. She had tragically lost her husband and companion and now lived alone. In this adjustment to living by herself as she did not feel safe and this resulted her in not being able to turn off her stress response and rest and sleep well when night came. We discovered what reassurance she needed to have (at an unconscious level) to feel safe and then came up with her four step ritual in the evening that would mean she felt safe even when she was alone. Norman happily shared several weeks later that she was now sleeping great again and that he was so grateful that he ‘had his Mum back’

Sinead (nor her real name) was a passionate show jumper but had lost her confidence after a fall from a horse and this was really affecting her performance and her results had dropped drastically. I helped her both release some unresolved emotions from the fall and then helped her re-anchor the feeling of confidence back into her unconscious mind. She called me excitedly that weekend after winning her show-jumping event! She couldn’t believe how quickly she had re-found her skills and confidence and sent me many referrals after that.