NLP Practitioner Training

Ever wondered what is holding you back from what you know you can be?

Ever wondered why you do some things you wished you wouldn’t do and don’t do other things you wished you could or would do?

If you want to look deeper into what drives human behaviour below the surface and learn new ways to tap into the vast power of your mind then an NLP training could be for you?

What is NLP and why should you study it?

NeuroLinguistic Programming or NLP is the study of excellence. It was originally created as a means and methodology of recreating excellence in human behaviour. This study led to a new understanding of how the mind works at both a conscious and unconscious level leading to a broad range of significant breakthroughs in the area of behavioural change and personal development.

NLP has been called the ‘Operator’s Manual for the Brain’

By learning NLP you will gain a new framework for understanding how the human mind works and how to work with the subconscious mind to get better results. The field of neuroscience now shows us that the subconscious mind is at least 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mind and NLP can be the bridge that enables you to work in alignment with that mind and help you form a stronger alliance with this powerful part of your mind to get better results in whatever you do. 

Everybody has an autopilot that runs most of their behaviour and that autopilot is what we call the unconscious mind. Sometimes this autopilot serves us very well and if you have ever driven from A to B only to realise you have no recollection of actually driving there because your mind was elsewhere your autopilot was working superbly for you. However, sometimes our autopilot lets us down or doesn’t serve us so well and instead of getting the results we want we end up reacting or responding to somebody or something in unwanted ways that we don’t feel we have control over such as:

  • Irrational Fears and Phobias
  • Unwanted reactions/responses/emotions to certain situations/triggers
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Negative self talk
  • Inability to kick a bad habit
  • Inability to make desired changes
  • Anxiety 
  • Self sabotage
  • More

Because the unconscious mind works similar to a computer your autopilot will have a program stored that runs any behaviour. All of your behaviours from brushing your teeth to being motivated have a program that your autopilot will run when prompted to. This is what runs your behaviour. NLP is designed to to put you back in charge of your own internal ‘autopilot’ that affects how you feel, think and act.  By training in NLP you will learn how to help yourself and others get rid of any unwanted behaviours, communicate more effectively with others and/or modify or create new highly effective programs/behaviours to dramatically increase the results you want to get in any area of life.

Why train with Design Your Life Coaching?

The NLP Practitioner Training is accredited by both ANLP and Meta International.

Your trainer, Shane Pearson, has over a decade of experience using NLP and is a fully accredited Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP. Shane has lectured for the Institute of Health Sciences for many years and has gained a reputation for delivering high quality courses with passion and dynamism in a deeply engaging and highly effective manner.

The practical nature of this course means you will not only learn the theory but you will also develop new skills, practice these skills on yourself and others and gain your own real life experience of the power and scope of NLP.

Expert mentoring and support throughout the course.


What graduates are saying about their experience training in NLP:

“The NLP module that I completed as part of my overall Health & Wellness Coaching course was a complete game changer for me.  The four week course opened a door into a new area of learning for me as a coach which improved both my communication skills and my engagement with clients and fellow students.  It gave me the tools to help identify limiting beliefs both in myself and my clients that could be challenged and overcome thereby paving the way to shifting behavior and ensuring lasting change.

The practical exercises played out in the classroom setting were an integral part of witnessing the effectiveness of many of the NLP techniques.  These sessions were always dynamic and engaging, and often highly emotional and challenging.  I would highly recommend this course to any coach who seeks to make real changes for themselves and their clients and who is open to a whole new way of seeing and engaging with the world around them.”

– Dee Blunden – Health and Wellness Coach and NLP Practitioner 2015

“The NLP course at IHS is fantastic for any practitioner, and had a much more profound effect on me than I had expected. I signed up expecting that it would help me understand people’s behaviour, and why so many people sabotage their own progress in areas they seemingly want to change. The course helped me to understand this, but it’s also helped me to understand so much about myself, how I communicate, and my view of the world. Professionally and personally this course is pure gold!”         

– Joanne Gribbin – Nutritional Therapist & NLP Practitioner

“Shane was my course leader in the IHS NLP Practitioner Course that I took in 2017. I had zero knowledge of NLP going into the course and was initially worried that potentially very low energy levels after a working week could make for a difficult learning experience on Saturday and Sunday. Shane’s enthusiasm, in depth knowledge of the course subject matter and experience as an NLP practitioner ensured my learning experience was constantly interesting and effective. He got everyone “in the zone” each morning and kept energy levels high, and got across NLP concepts and methods with clarity and brevity, and more importantly, got us to try them out in practical sessions. Learning by doing is the best way to learn and Shane was highly effective in observing and encouraging the best possible approach to employing each method. Shane is a natural Mentor and his enthusiasm for NLP and skill level in using it made for an interesting and highly effective learning experience. I would strongly recommend Shane’s course for anyone interested in learning about NLP methods and how to apply them. ”

 – Mike McMenamin BA, BAI, MSc, CEng MIEI (2017)

‘I did the NLP Practitioner Training with Shane Pearson in the IHS in the Autumn/Winter of 2013.  Shane is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend him and indeed I have recommended his course to other potential students. He is knowledgeable and really knows his stuff.  His delivery is confident, assertive, enthusiastic, unflappable, open, approachable and fun and his passion and enthusism for the subject is contagious. He appears not only to teach NLP but to truly live it, so it is not just theory, it is a practice, a way of life for him.

Shane facilitated some profound insights, healing and growth for me, that have really moved forward in my life and I am very grateful for his knowledge, skill, professionalism and deep compassion, which is a winning combination as a practitioner and teacher.’

 – Karen Griffin  (2014)

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