As a professional coach, speaker and trainer I work with companies to help promote wellness in the workplace.

I offer a range of talks, wellness programmes and group coaching with expertise in mental health, stress management and behavioural change.  I am happy to explore the possibility of co-creating bespoke wellness programmes for your company and employees.

I find that my expertise in human psychology, behavioural change and a focus on helping people ‘set themselves up for success’ for making healthy changes fits an important niche in Corporate Wellness.  We are living in an Information Age where most people already know what they can do to live healthier lives. However, with the pace and demands of modern living, managing stress and living a healthy lifestyle is hard! Even when we know we can make healthier choices old habits  and more convenient options can often derail good intention, just think about how most New Years resolutions fail! The s ‘coach approach’ can play a vital role supporting people through the process of change on their journey to improved health and wellness.


I am an experienced speaker and trainer and a listed Wellness Provider for Irish Life Health.


Below are some examples of the kinds of talks and wellness services that I offer:

Wellness Talks

Stress Mastery – Building Resilience to Stress:
Stress is neither good or bad and can be both harmful or beneficial depending on a number of factors.  As we all know too much bad stress can be very draining and damaging to our health. There is, however, a ‘recipe’ for good stress and by getting stress right with the correct mindset and behaviours anyone can learn to use stress to their advantage. Mastering Stress can help harness the otherwise destructive nature of the stress response and utilise the extra energy it brings to help push you through adversity and build resilience.

How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress in the Moment:
The stress response is an ancient aspect of our evolution designed to help us fight, freeze or flee when confronted by physical danger. It is mostly an automatic and unconscious process that switches on and off by itself and for our ancestors this was very useful because when the threat passed stress was ‘switched off’. However, modern day stressors are rarely real physical threats that pass to allow stress to switch off and are instead almost entirely of a psychological nature that can keep stress ‘switched on’.  This talk equips attendees with a powerful 3 step process that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime to consciously regulate their stress response to reduce anxiety, lower stress and bring a more balanced mindset to the job at hand.

Building Mental Fitness:
We all know how to get our body fit but how do you build mental fitness? In the modern business world our brains are being stimulated like never and it can be very difficult to slow down a busy mind and to get adequate mental and physical rest.  Interestingly a key to building mental fitness is by learning how to really slow down the mind as well as by stimulating and exercising the mind. But in a world that seems to be speeding up how can we slow down and give our mind the rest it needs to continue to operate at a high level and maintain a positive mindset? Luckily there are simple mind-body techniques that can be learned easily and that only require a few minutes to slow a racing mind and bring about a more calm and composed mental state. Attendees learn simple yet powerful mind-body strategies to ‘change gears’ mentally to give a busy mind the rest and recovery it needs to continue performing at its best.

Beyond a Positive Mindset:
Whilst there is great truth in aiming for a positive mindset there are pros to negativity and cons to positivity unless we remember the need for balance. In the ancient yoga teaching the yogis spoke of the three minds:  Positive Mind, Negative Mind and Neutral Mind. By being too negative or too positive we are unbalanced and can be either too optimistic or too pessimistic. The neutral mind is the great balancer and with a balanced mind we can best discern when to be positive and when you need to pay attention to negativity. With a balanced approach positive psychology can be used to better address and deal with negativity.


One to One Coaching

I also offer in-house one to one professional Health and Wellness coaching. For companies interested in providing this service to their employees this consists of 30 min laser coaching sessions. Employees are individually coached on an area of their Health and Wellbeing of their choice where they want to make improvements. They  gain clarity on their health goals, motivation and their readiness to change before a wellness plan is put in place and specific action steps are created to help them on their journey to better health and wellbeing.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about this very popular wellness service.


Wellness Programs and Group Coaching

Get Working on your Wellness:
A wellness group coaching approach to promoting wellness both in the workplace and at home with an emphasis on creating and supporting lasting positive lifestyle change. The emerging field of Lifestyle Medicine is proving that the biggest contributing factor to health is lifestyle and human behaviour yet we all know hard it can be to integrate healthy behaviours and then make them last. Group coaching guides participants through a goal setting process and an individualised wellness plan. They are then supported as they implement action steps and make the necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle to ensure improvements to lifestyle lasts.

Wellness programmes work best when co-created with a company to take into account various factors such as focus, time, duration, existing support and more. A similar model is followed regardless of any specific focus for the group (such as stress resilience, increasing movement, healthy habits etc.) to promote and support lasting lifestyle change that mirrors best practice in coaching for behavioural change. Ideally this will involve a minimum of 3-4 separate sessions/workshops spread over several weeks or months with participants willingly ‘working on their wellness’ between sessions.


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